The Moonjar Story


Moonjar LLC was established in 2001 by Eulalie Scandiuzzi, a Seattle native, to inspire and incorporate strong financial values and practices into everyday life.

The name Moonjar comes from the idea of “Shooting for the Moon” and creating Big Dreams, along with the ancient custom of placing hopes and dreams in a jar.

Today Moonjar is a vibrant young company working to bring financial literacy to children and families around the globe. We believe the time to start the conversation about money is now and the way to start the conversation is through Saving, Spending and Sharing.

The Moonjar Australia Story

" Ever since my first full time job I put a part of my wage into a ‘reward saver’ account which I just let grow.  I grew up knowing the importance of saving a portion of what I earned and wanted to ensure my children did too. To do this I figured I would need 2 money boxes each so they could easily separate their money into Save and Spend.  It was when my 8yr old daughter said she wanted to take the gold coin donation for her school's Casual Day out of her own money that I started looking for just one money box that had separate sections.

I found the perfect solution, Moonjar! 

​In 2011 a conversation about how great I thought these Moonjar moneyboxes were led to two mates placing an order for 100 Moonjars with a vision to educate others about the importance of teaching children to Save, Spend and Share.

A catch up with two other close friends and sharing our new found discovery then led to the four families coming together to share their skills and become Moonjar Australia!

Each family has 3 children ranging from 2 to 13yrs of age and they all love being a part of the Moonjar story.  Already I have seen my 8yr old understand more about wants v needs and learn the value of money. I see my 6yr old learning about dollars and cents and how to keep a record of the money she is saving. Then I see my 3yr old learning how to count as she adds up the money she is saving by counting the fingers on my hand.  It’s fantastic to see the life lessons that our 3 children are learning by simply using the Moonjar Money box system.

We hope that you too will enjoy the success that we know that Moonjar is and help your children in ‘Building Dreams by Learning to Save, Spend and Share".

Narelle Hodgson - Moonjar Australia Co-Founder

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